Everyday Elegance

A unique marketplace with 50 unique boutiques under one roof.
From fine European antiques to linen apparel from the streets of Italy, we've curated a collection to elevate your style.

Modern Manor is more than just a marketplace; it's a celebration of refined living. 

As soon as you step through our doors, you'll enter a world curated by professional interior designers. You'll have access to brand-new treasures, never seen before in North Mount Pleasant.

Never settle for basic. We offer only the best and so much more.

There is no style without substance

Where every detail tells a story

Explore a harmonious blend of vintage, antique, and contemporary wares. Everything from fixtures to illuminate your space to art that tells a story, decor that transforms your home to dresses to make you feel like a masterpiece.

Every one of our boutiques has been carefully selected for its quality, distinctiveness, and wow factor. 

This is the first high-end boutique marketplace of its kind in Mount Pleasant. Our founders wished it into existence.
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You don't have to travel far for something extraordinary.

As you stroll through our doors, the freshly brewed tea and coffee aroma welcomes you. 

Feel the warm embrace of our historic building, its walls echoing with tales from the Civil War era, now repurposed into a landmark where the past meets the present. 

Picture yourself on our charming porch, sipping a cup of your favourite brew as the gentle breeze carries the faint scent of blooming flowers from our garden.

Inside, let your fingertips graze over luxurious linens and intricate decor; each item telling a story of craftsmanship from around the world. 

Engage your senses as you explore our carefully arranged displays, where elegant lamps glow, complementing print dresses from India and their vivid hues. Delicate plants bring the space to life and sparkly jewels throw light onto velvet vintage pieces.

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The Art of Refined Living

Come for a browse, a gift, a milestone, or find something you never knew you wanted.

Every corner is a visual delight, every aisle a sensory exploration. The Modern Manor ambience is not just about what you see – it's about what you feel, smell, and experience. Our goal is to create a space where time slows down, and every visit feels like a cherished escape into a world of elegance.

Join us at Modern Manor, where each step is an invitation to elevate your lifestyle.

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